African Hair Braiding

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African Hair Braiding - Your Own Style

African Hair Braiding | Jamila's Braiding - Montgomery, AL

Jamila’s Braiding, serving the Montgomery, AL area, offers West African hair braiding and continues the long-ago custom of braiding and socializing here in my salon. I offer African braiding for those who want to balance their body, mind and spirit. This holistic method uses hair braiding services that are beneficial to your whole body.

In Africa, girls learned braiding by watching their mothers, sisters and grandmothers in the home. Because it took so long to finish the braiding, there was also a lot of socializing. Then they would build their knowledge by practicing on younger girls. It is customary that if someone braids your hair, you have to braid theirs.

The African history goes on to say that when you braid someone else’s hair, you are showing them friendship, assurance, affection and goodwill. There are diverse designs that would indicate which village a girl came from as well as her age and social status. My salon strives to carry on this tradition of connecting the elders with the new generation.

I offer all types of African hair braiding, no matter the length of your hair. Some of the different styles of braids I provide are goddess, pixie, French inverted and pixie pin curls. The hardest thing about African braiding is keeping the tension evenly balanced on the strands, but my expert braiders are here to do the work while you relax.

Jamila’s Braiding offers some guidelines for treating your hair after an African braiding:

Keep Your Hair Shiny Apply braiding spray two times a week.

Protect Your Scalp Use dry shampoo.

Remove Your Braids the Right Way. I recommend letting our professionals remove your braids for you, but I also give you directions.

Drop by today and visit with one of my expert braiders to select one of my numerous African hair braiding styles that will be perfect for you. I guarantee your satisfaction and want you to come back again.