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Hair Braiding | Jamila's Braiding - Montgomery, AL

Jamila’s Braiding is fantastic with hair braiding that will bring out your natural beauty. It’s often known as African hair braiding, or the natural caring of your hair. It can be a time saver for people who work or go to school or for a night out on the town. This type of hair style isn’t restricted to any culture, religion or ethnicity, and it’s great for anyone who craves something different.

Hair braiding will help your hair to grow fast and stay healthy. It includes made-to-order wigs and can be made from natural hair, artificial fibers or hair extensions. The diverse types of hair braiding styles I offer are described below.

African Hair Braiding. This is a very old art that has been handed down through generations in Africa.

Sewing of Hair. This is a newer process that replaces bobby pins. More inventive styles can be created with plastic needles and linen thread.

Braids. This is a certain length of your hair that consists of 3 or more intertwined strands.

Hair Extensions. This is a seamless way to make your hair look longer in a natural way, giving it extra volume and length.

Tree Braids. These are small cornrows that begin at your front hairline and stop at the nape of your neck. Hair is then added to create a complete head of weave.

Micro Braids. These are very small single braids. The braiding is only partway down, leaving the rest unbraided.

Cornrows. These are slim rows of braids that are close to the scalp.

Dreadlocks. These are knotted coils of hair. There are numerous techniques to encourage the development of dreadlocks, including back-combing pieces of hair, twisting and interlacing with a crochet hook.

Jamila’s Braiding offers these braids and more. I will work with you to come up with the best style for you. Contact me to schedule your service.